Why Raw Foods?

by Brett
(Hollywood, FL, USA)

Why is it Raw Foods are so important to these Diets? Does this mean the foods all have to be uncooked, or will simply unprocessed foods constitute "Raw Foods". I'm very interested in eating healthier and losing weight, but i'm concerned this could be a very hard and expensive diet to try to follow.

Vita-dose.com answer: Excellent questions. Raw foods offer a number of health benefits that I outline in the raw foods section of this site. While raw foods are unprocessed, many unprocessed foods are also cooked. At the bottom of it, we are talking about a different way of looking at and preparing food-- one that removes a number of negative influences from your diet and is proven to drop your weight.

As for expense, raw food diets can be incredibly simple and inexpensive. Imagine if all you bought at the grocery store was fruits, vegetables and seeds. Of course it's more complicated than that, but that will ballpark it for you.

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