How much juice is too much?

by Jennifer Thompson
(Tiburon, California)

I have started juicing since I wanted to get some of the benefits of the raw food diet and the only way I could get the vegetables that I wouldn't normally eat that much of is by juicing them. However, on a blood-glycemic level how much is too much? If I am juicing veggies versus fruits do I have to worry at all? Your help is very much appreciated. answer Very astute question. The major pitfall of juicing is that you get NO FIBER out, or at least very little. So if strawberries and bananas have too high a glycemic index WITH the fiber, imagine ripping it out.

I deal with this problem in two ways:
1. I tend to keep the sweet stuff to a minimum in my juices. One apple. Maybe a pear or a carrot. For the rest of the juice, I use low-sugar veggies like cabbage, celery, cucumber, kale, chard, or whatever is around. It's a testimony to the sheer quantity of sugar in these fruits that a TINY BIT of sweet fruit is enough for a huge volume of juice.

2. Of course, in the summer who can resist indulging in some sweet high-sugar berry or watermelon juice? This stuff tastes great. Here's how I deal with it: eat an avocado first, or a big handful of walnuts. However you do it, just make sure your tummy is already working on a pile of fats, protein and fiber when the high-sugar juice comes in.

Happy Juicing!

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