Can we eat raw along with cooked foods?

by James Walker
(Durgapur, WB, India)

Transforming your food habits which have been developed over many years is quite tough. If raw foods are eaten along with cooked foods, will they deliver the benefit, or maybe a little less? If that's the case, can the habit of eating raw can be introduced in an incremental fashion? Or is it that to get any benefit, eating raw food has to be introduced in full? Answer: This question is quite contentious in the raw foods community. A number of purists insist that you eat no cooked food at all-- otherwise you risk losing all the raw food benefits you built up. I think there are some reasons why this point has validity, but probably not the ones that are being advanced by the raw food community.
What I like about Eating for Energy is the focus on 80-20 efficiencies. The idea is that if you eat right 80% of the time, you're getting enough benefits. The added stress of squeezing all cooked (or otherwise unhealthy) foods out of your system is actually not worth it in the whole.
Thanks for a great question.

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